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About Essen Nutrition Corporation

Essen Nutrition Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes innovative food & beverage products that promote health and wellness.  Essen Nutrition is one of North America’s leading food specialty companies dedicated to offering quality products under the Essen brand and the private label market for major Grocery Retailers & Distributors.  Founded in 1984, Essen has become a major supplier of weight loss & dietetic products including liquid collagen based protein drinks, low calorie protein enhanced salad dressings, sports drinks and gluten-free products for our customers throughout the United States, Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico and Canada.  Essen is located in Romeoville, Illinois and run under G.M.P guidelines of FDA and is SQF Quality Level 3 HACCP certified. 



We are here to help you realize your optimum nutritional value and provide you with the highest quality products.  Essen is a team of Research Scientists and Health & Nutrition enthusiasts, whose goal is to provide you with the highest caliber of nutritional products.



Essen Nutrition is dedicated to serving the community and protecting the environment.  We have contributed time and money to local and international organizations dedicated to education and the preservation of the environment for future generations.  



Essen Nutrition's Science

fda certified manufacturing


Essen’s FDA registered manufacturing plant in Illinois, houses a state of the art research and development center.  It is headed by Dr. Ani (M.Anirudhan), a pioneer of applied nutrition and food manufacturing research.  He has been honored by the National Food Processors Association and is one of the first certified Food Scientists by The Institute of Food Technologist. 



Essen has extensive quality control programs in place adhering to the standards set by the United States’ FDA and international bodies.  In addition we have strict guidelines and in house regulatory compliance team. 





Essen Nutrition's Facilities

  • EssenIndia
  • Metaldetector
  • MixRelishroom
  • Proteincook
  • blendingroom
  • blendingroom2
  • kettlecook2
  • mixingroom
  • protopak
  • warehouse

Our Products

  • Dressing and Sauces
  • Mayonnaise
  • Syrups
  • Bread
  • Mayo Ketchup
  • Pudding mixes
  • Hot cocoa mixes
  • Instant mixes
  • Instant breakfast
  • High Protein Drinks
  • Power mixes-custom blend any dry mixes
  • Special formulas from low calorie-low sodium to national brand formulas
  • Gluten free bread mix

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