MayoKetchup-FrySauce-FatSauce-Golf Sauce, etc. Sauce of Sauces

What’s all the hoopla about putting Mayonnaise & Ketchup together?  Well, it’s been around for a while and with the expanding taste buds of the world, MayoKetchup-FrySauce-FatSauce-GolfSauce, is not going anywhere. 



Puerto Rico – MayoKetchup

The Puerto Rican version of MayoKetchup was originally called fat sauce.  Puerto Rican palettes prefer the MayoKetchup with garlic and use it as a dipping sauce for Tostones (fried plantain slices).  It is also used as sauce for fries, fish sandwiches, burgers etc.  You can get the authentic MayoKetchup at stores all over the island and at:



Argentina – Golf Sauce/Salsa Golf

Argentinians claim the mix of Mayo & Ketchup to be its authentic invention.  It is used as a topping for burgers, fries, steak sandwiches etc.  Argentinians claim its “salsa golf” was invented by Nobel laureate Luis Federico Leloir in the mid-1920s.  It is the ketchup of Argentina and you can visit to get your “salsa golf” on.



Netherlands – Frietsauce  

The Dutch are well known for their mighty array of sauces used to adorn their friets (or fries as we Americans call it).  Their affinities for toppings for fries are even mentioned in the movie Pulp Fiction.  The most common topping for fries is called “Friet speciaal” which are fries served with mayonnaise, ketchup and onions.  If you are feeling a little “Friet Speciaal”, go to



France –Fondue Sauce Mayonnaise-Ketchup or Ketchup Mayo

The wave of Mayo Ketchup has hit France! The French have freaked out on this new concoction of mayo and ketchup opening several different restaurants to cater to the developing needs of this tasty condiment.  Some of the names include Snack Ketchup-Mayo and Mayo Ketchup in Lyons, France. Usually Mayonnaise is the French condiment of choice for their freedom fries & burgers and now they have finally finding a version of Ketchup they can stand at



Germany – Mayo Ketchup not free…

In Germany if you order mayo and ketchup for your fries, note that you will be charged for it on your bill.  Ketchup in Germany is not free.  Anywhere, not even the little hot dog stand on the street you will have to pay for a packet of ketchup.  Also don’t be alarmed when at the grocery store the ketchup and mayo come in toothpaste tubes, to Germans that is normal…brush your teeth with @



UK – Burger Sauce or Fry Sauce

Commonly used to top pub burgers and as a dipping sauce for fries and fish & chips on the British Isles.  The Burger Sauce is normally made up of one part ketchup and two parts mayonnaise three parts British love….tickle your tummy with some fish & chips with at .



So the Americans have weighed in with Utahoans (people from Utah) claiming the invention of the original MayoKetchup mixes in the late 1930’s.  Of course it is used with everything in Utah including burgers, fries, hot dogs, fried food and everything else Americans love to eat.  Get the original fry sauce at




So is Ronald’s Big Mac sauce a mix of Mayo and Ketchup?  Though it may have both, McDonalds sauce has a proprietary recipe which taste nothing like MayoKetchup-FrySauce-FatSauce-GolfSauce, but it does remain 1 of my favorite fast food burgers.  So Ronald does not carry but you can get it now at


Essen Nutrition

Essen Nutrition has been manufacturing the orginal MayoKetchup recipe  for grocers all over North America for the past 25 years.  Visit or to get your original MayoKetchup-FrySauce-FatSauce-GolfSauce.  


Co-Authored by Emily Peterson